Our Philosophy

Our Academy services prepare YCG Citizens™ for our Pathways™ Programme which requires attainment of L1 and L2 English, Maths, and ICT and completion of our Chrysalis by YCG Thinking Skills Programme. Once acquired, YCG Citizens™ can access a wide range of employer specific academic material and vocational training as part of our Pathways™ Programme. Higher education qualification up to and including degree level is also available to YCG Citizens™ through our Academy.



Taking An Interest

YCG Caseworkers are graduates of our Prison Law Course and provide support to all stakeholders within participating establishments. This allows staff and serving prisoners to understand the extent of their rights, as well as their obligations and to have confidence that decisions are made according to the correct criteria. This is extremely important for ensuring fairness and best practice. YCG Caseworkers provide mentoring and support for serving prisoners.

Gaining Knowledge

Our in-cell online digital platform provides YCG Citizens™ with access to a range of educational content up to and including degree level. Most learning is modular and can be undertaken at the learner’s own pace. Tutorials are provided on-line.



A Future

Vocational training is specific to the needs of our Sponsoring Employers. Completion of courses is a pre-requisite for progression under the YCG Pathways™ Programme including access to training-based Release on Temporary Licence (ROTL) and employment with the Sponsoring Employer on release.

A Purpose

YCG Citizens™ who successfully complete our Pathways™ Programme are guaranteed an offer of employment with the Sponsoring Employer on release.



A Place To Call Your Own

YCG Citizens™ will be financially secure on release and will be able to afford rented accommodation without needing Local Authority assistance.