Our Programmes

Our YCG Citizens™ and Pathways™ Programmes provide a fully integrated and transferrable model designed to ensure YCG Citizens™ can upskill and prepare themselves to be successful on release into the community.

By gaining essential in-demand employment skills, securing stable accommodation and financial security, our YCG Citizens™ are able to successfully re-integrate into society and break the cycle of reoffending. This integrated approach provides a significant incentive towards securing YCG Citizen™ status.

Every YCG Citizen™ will receive a guarantee of an offer of employment on release


The YCG Pathways Programme™ breaks down the barriers prison leavers face in securing employment by providing a fully managed recruitment and employment service to participating establishments and sponsoring employers.

We do this by undertaking a rigorous recruitment of prisoners to the YCG Citizen Programme™, where we deliver high-quality industry-specific training and qualifications. YCG Citizens™ receive this personalised support and development in order to secure employment with sponsoring employers on release.

The YCG Pathways Programme™ aims to benefit wider society by engaging with prisoners and breaking the cycle of re-offending through providing routes to secure and stable employment and accommodation.

This can only be achieved if prisoners feel they have a stake in society and this is an essential element for regime engagement, equal opportunity, establishment of best practice, and the principles of natural justice being at the heart of all decisions.

For those serving prisoners and prison leavers who are not admitted to our Pathways Programme™, we offer a careers service that allows them to search for jobs with socially responsible employers in their release area.

As with our Pathways Programme™, our careers service works with our justice partners to ensure appropriate screening and support is provided.



Our aim is to ensure YCG Citizens™ are prepared for the world of work, equipping them with skills, competencies, and experience for their chosen career. This enables them to secure meaningful employment on release.

We deliver this training through the YCG Academy Programme™, working with our YCG Citizens™  whilst in custody and on release to create a personalised career pathway.

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All our training modules are Sponsoring Employer specific

Managed Workforce

The YCG Pathways Programme™ is centred on the needs of our sponsoring employers and YCG Citizens™, ensuring we can support them to work and grow together.

Our dedicated team of education professionals engage collaboratively with sponsoring employers to inform our curriculum design. This ensures that YCG Citizens™ develop the skills and core competencies which will provide real opportunities for work, apprenticeships and training on release.

The YCG Pathways Programme™ provides an invaluable resource to sponsoring employers, enabling them to meet their recruitment needs at scale and plan for future growth.


All prospective YCG Citizens™ are identified through a rigorous selection and recruitment process. This ensures they demonstrate a commitment to engage in their sentence planning and effective rehabilitation.

Our programmes are supported by YCG Caseworkers within participating establishments. 

We work closely with Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Services (HMPPS) to ensure all YCG Citizens™ have been thoroughly vetted and approved for work.

We have helped 1000s of prisoners with their sentence planning and progression

Inspired by Chrysalis

Our YCG Citizen Programme™ is inspired by the award-winning Chrysalis Programme. Our aim is to enable learners to think more positively, increasing their self-confidence and motivation and hope to make a positive future for themselves.

A world class Personal Development Programme supports individuals who want to own and drive personal change in their lives. It provides real opportunities for behavioural change; that address the thinking, attitude, core beliefs and values of offenders; as well as equipping participants with the skills they need. This innovative approach is about reintegration not rehabilitation of offenders, creating capability for positive change.

– David Apparicio

Founder & CEO The Chrysalis Programme