YCG, Exceptional Value for Money.

Your Consultation Group has commissioned DISE to look at our social impact.

The main finding of the Report is that there is a significant multiplier effect on reducing reoffending rates and improving prisoner reintegration. This is achieved using an integrated model which has been specifically designed to assist all stakeholders in achieving these goals

The outcomes were significantly influenced by our guaranteed offer of employment on release afforded to every prisoner who becomes a YCG Citizen.

YCG Creates £14.24 of value for every £1 invested in us.

David Lane of DISE who authored the Report said: “YCG have developed a much-improved integrated model of support for prisoners and prison leavers. They supply a managed service for peer mentor training, in cell learning, in prison employer led work-based training, guaranteed employment and accommodation on release and, post release mentor support.”

“The model is the result of years of development to find and address the key systemic issues that contribute to prisoners being stuck in a cycle of re-offending and often re-imprisonment. As such the integrated model significantly reduces prisoners’ likelihood of re-offending, it increases their economic wellbeing through improved earning potential, earnings in employment and reduces the cost to society. I estimate that for every £1 invested in YCG, £14.24 in social value is generated”.

Calculating Social Return on Investment

Our social impact report has been calculated by DISE using long established principles that prioritise the importance of measuring and tracking our positive contribution to society. These principles include assessing the quality and quantity of our social impact, considering the long-term sustainability of our initiatives, and evaluating our ability to engage and empower those who are most vulnerable. DISE also strives to ensure that the data used to measure our social impact is reliable, accurate and up-to-date using the following guidance.

YCG Trust’s Social Impact Calculation

DISE has calculated YCG Trust’s Social Impact based on working with 160 prisoners with a projected social value of £5,945,240 created in the initial year. This is made up of £979,495 in tangible costs and £493,267 in longer-term savings through the reduction of offending and diversion from prison. £4,472,477 of social value is created through increases in income/earning potential of ex-offenders. This works out to an average saving of around £9,205 per prison leaver and £27,952 in increased earnings.