YCG Academy has joint ventured with Multi Trades Training (MTT) for the provision of a mobile construction industry training and apprenticeship solution for serving prisoners and prison leavers.

MTT provides mobile construction apprenticeship training to employers, allowing candidates to be assessed on site rather than having to send them to attend a college to be assessed. The flexibility of this approach means that employers can now, for the first time, easily and more affordably offer apprenticeships to serving prisoners.

The arrangements are exclusive to YCG Academy and form part of YCG Trust’s Pathways Programme.

Serving prisoners can now access a wide range of construction NVQ and Apprenticeship courses via YCG Academy’s Prisons Digital Hub.

Our Managing Director of YCG Academy commented: “We have spent considerable time developing an innovative solution to support the recent development enabling prisoners to access apprenticeships. This takes the friction out of the system for all stakeholders, making apprenticeships more accessible. We are not burdened by legacy systems, and we are excited by the changing prison landscape for prisoner education.

“The Prisons White Paper has afforded increasing recognition that digital services can be safely accessed by serving prisoners and that prisoner reintegration into their communities on release requires an integrated approach to upskilling into employment.

“The change in the law in October last year, allowing

serving prisoners in open conditions to undertake apprenticeships, bridges the gap between education and employment which is so often missing. We would like to see the eligibility criteria extended to the closed estate in due course, so that greater opportunity is given to prisoners. My colleagues will continue to work with policymakers so that further improvements in policy that benefit all stakeholders in society can be considered.

YCG’s Pathways Programme allows serving prisoners to upskill according to the requirements of our sponsoring employers with the guarantee of an offer of employment on release.

“Our partnering with MTT is a very exciting innovation, ensuring apprenticeship training can now be provided in the open estate and NVQ training in both open and closed estates.”

Rob Jones, MD of MTT says; “At Multi Trades Training we pride ourselves on doing things differently. Through our joint venture with YCG Academy, we offer on-site construction apprenticeships, fast track NVQ construction courses and CSCS NVQ construction courses to serving prisoners and prison leavers as part of YCG Academy’s Pathways Programme.

“Our popular mobile training workshop means no lost days in college with all training completed on-site and online by our experienced trainers. Online access will be via YCG’s Digital Prison Hub.

“We are really excited to be bringing our service model into the prisons estate and we have fully bought into the Chrysalis philosophy that underpins YCG’s impressive Citizens model. We were blown away by their Social Impact Report and look forward to making a positive contribution to delivering YCG’s objectives.

“The MTT team are experienced in delivering construction apprenticeships within Further Education and have extensive construction backgrounds. We deliver construction apprenticeships with the minimum amount of administration, form filling and fuss. We feel uniquely qualified to joint venture with Mike and his colleagues.”

Nick Wright, MD of YCG Careers, commented; “The construction sector has acute structural skills shortages and employers are willing to invest in up- skilling serving prisoners. www.ycgcareers.com. 

“YCG’s Pathways Programme allows serving prisoners to upskill according to the requirements of our sponsoring employers with the guarantee of an offer of employment on release. Serving prisoners with more than 12 months to their earliest date of release make ideal apprenticeship candidates.

“For those who are on indeterminate sentences, an apprenticeship provides a reason for the Parole Board to agree a release decision.

“Serving prisoners can make contact with us to find out more about apprenticeship and NVQ opportunities with our Academy by arranging for an email to be sent to hello@yourconsultationgroup.com or writing to YOUR CONSULTATION GROUP, PO BOX 1627, WINDLESHAM GU20 5BA”.