Your Consultation Group (YCG) recently commissioned DISE to look at its social impact. The Report has now been published and appears at 

The main finding of the Report is that there is a significant multiplier effect on reducing reoffending rates and improving prisoner re-integration using an integrated model which has been specifically designed with these goals and which is designed for use by all stakeholders.

The Report was significantly influenced by the guaranteed offer of employment on release afforded to every prisoner who becomes a YCG Citizen.

Dave Lane of DISE, who authored the Report said: “Your Consultation Group works closely with and employs those who have lived experience of the prison and criminal justice system. Through this experience, YCG has developed a much-improved integrated model of support. They supply a managed service for peer mentor training, mentoring, in-cell learning, employer-led training, and guaranteed employment and accommodation on release.

“The model is the result of years of development to find and address the key systemic issues that contribute to prisoners being stuck in a cycle of reoffending and often re-imprisonment. As such, the integrated model significantly reduces prisoners’ likelihood of reoffending, increases their economic well- being through improved earning potential and earnings in employment and reduces the cost to society. I estimate that for every £1 invested in YCG, £14.24 in social value is generated.”

Raff Esposito, Founder and Director for Social Impact at Your Consultation Group commented: “I am delighted and humbled by DISE’s Report. I have been truly fortunate to build and inspire a team of incredibly talented individuals around me at YCG. With their help, and the support of all stakeholders, together we have developed a fully integrated Engagement, Education, Training, Employment, and Accommodation (EETEA) model for reducing reoffending.

“Like all models, our model is dependent on stakeholder engagement, which is provided by our social enterprise company, YCG Trust. This essential umbrella service supports our entire EETEA strategy, ensuring the active participation of all stakeholders in setting prisoners on a path to success.

“Our journey with serving prisoners starts with a deep philosophical commitment underpinned by our technical training and empowerment of YCG Caseworkers who are a trusted source of information for all stakeholders on all aspects of prison law, sentence planning and progression to employment and reintegration on release.

“Effective educational opportunities and formal training for work are also essential for reintegrating prisoners into society. We have partnered with the Chrysalis Foundation to develop a world-class critical thinking skills programme which we will shortly be announcing alongside the launch of our Academy.

“YCG Pathways delivers a managed service to prisons, matching the training needs of our sponsoring employers and serving pris- oners. This service is supported by The Corbett Network, with whom we have also partnered. Under our partnership, employ- ers will have the way of securing 12-months ongoing mentoring and support for newly released employees.

YCG Citizens’ who upskill via YCG’s Pathways Programme are paid by us for having successfully upskilled whilst in custody.

“Our Careers Service for employers is aimed at prisoners in the last 3 months of custody and prison leavers. It is freely accessible by all stakeholders across the prison estate and is being widely adopted by socially respon- sible employers who want to employ prison leavers.

“Our Programmes are fully compliant with the aims of our colleagues in the Ministry of Justice who fund our access to justice work through the Criminal Cases Review Commission.

“YCG Citizens who upskill via YCG’s Pathways Programme are paid by us for hav- ing successfully upskilled whilst in custody. This ensures a degree of financial security on release, which would not otherwise be available to them. By securing an offer of guaranteed employment, prisoners can also afford decent accommodation on release.

“If you would like to join our team, donate to our work, or become one of our sponsoring employers, I would love to hear from you.”